The Gravity of Us – Book Tour Stop and Review

Title: The Gravity of Us
Author: Phil Stamper
Publication Date: 17 March 2020
Synopsis: When Cal’s dad is selected for NASA’s mission to Mars, Cal feels like his future is falling apart. How can he become a serious journalist when his own family is part of the hottest story around? And how long can his parents pretend to be picture perfect when all they do is fight?
Only Leon understands. He’s an Astrokid too. Before Cal kows it, falling apart becomes falling head over heels…
But as mission frenzy mounts, Cal suspects there are secrets being kept from the families – and the world – that could change everything. Can he expose the truth without hurting the people he loves?
Format: paperback, courtesy of Bloomsbury Australia
RRP: $15.99
Disclaimer: I received a finished copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This has no way impacted my thoughts.
Rating: 4/5 stars

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Representation: Cal (main character) is queer, Leon (side character) gay and black, Kat (side character) is black, Carla (side character) is Mexican.

Content warnings: Discussions about death (familial and then there’s an accident later in the book), anxiety, coming out themes, depression, underage alcohol consumption, terminal cancer mentioned, grief depictions, explosion, and a plane crash.

First of all, I wanted to say a massive thank you to Bloomsbury for having me on this book tour!

From the first moment I heard about The Gravity Of Us I knew I wanted to read it. The synopsis sounded so good, and I am so glad that the book didn’t disappoint.

Cal is a Type A personality – he has every single moment of his life (well, his schooling and job prospects) sorted out. He has a successful online video journalism profile thanks to the FlashFame app, where he has over 430,000 followers.

He has an internship lined up at Buzzfeed and has his university of choice picked out, and is all ready to go.

Except then his dad is chosen to be one of the astronauts for the mission to put the first people ever on Mars. And so Cal, and his parents (who fight constantly) are suddenly uprooting their lives in Brooklyn to move to Texas.

From there, Cal is thrown into the world of being the kid of an astronaut, complete with the invasive reality television show, Shooting Stars, which focuses on the lives and families of the astronauts chosen.

Amid all of the chaos of moving to a new state, Cal finds friends in fellow AstroKids, siblings Kat and Leon. Especially in Leon, who is cute, gay, and who captures Cal’s attention wholly.


This was such a fast, easy read. I absolutely loved that it centres around the fact that NASA are gearing up to put the first ever humans on Mars, something that I can totally see happening in the future.

I enjoyed Cal’s journalistic side, and how he came to fame via his journalism on a livestreaming app – that really hooked me in to this story.

I adored Kat – she was one of my favourite additions to this novel.

And the romance between Cal and Leon was so sweet it gave me a toothache 😉

This book is one that I think almost anyone can enjoy. I loved the realistic family aspects, the fear of the unknown, and the adorable romance.


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