Waiting For Wednesday – Little Universes by Heather Demetrios


One wave: that’s all it takes for the rest of Mae and Hannah Winters’ lives to change.

When a tsunami strikes the island where their parents are vacationing, it soon becomes clear that their mom and dad are never coming home. Forced to move to Boston from sunny California for the rest of their senior year, each girl struggles with secrets their parents’ death has brought to light, and with their uncertainty about the future. Instead of bringing them closer, it feels like the wave has torn the sisters apart.

Hannah is a secret poet who wants to be seen, but only knows how to hide. The pain pills she stole from her dead father hurl her onto the shores of an addiction she can’t shake and a dealer who turns her heart upside down. When it’s clear Hannah’s drowning, Mae, a budding astronaut suddenly launched into an existential crisis—and unexpected love—must choose between herself and the only family she has left.

Little Universes is a book about the powerful bond between sisters, the kinds of love that never die, and the journey we all must make through the baffling cruelty and unexpected beauty of human life in an incomprehensible universe.

Today on my Waiting For Wednesday I’m featuring Little Universes by Heather Demetrios

The original post, and creator of this wonderful meme is here!

Again, the first time I saw this book was on Net Galley, and the synopsis sounded really good.

Books that focus on families, specifically sisters, are something I really enjoy. And this book seems like it is going to focus on Hannah and her sister, but also the fallout from the tsunami that wrecks their lives.

And the line “she must choose between herself and the only family she has left” is so powerful. So often we put our families, and loved ones ahead of our own needs, and I am really intrigued to see where this book is going to go with that.

Is this a book you’ll be putting on your TBR?

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