I thought that I would host my very first book Instagram photo challenge! I am super nervous, but even if one person who isn’t me participates, I’ll be happy.

If I reach 1,500 followers on Instagram by my birthday (5th of April), I will also do a giveaway!

Here’s a blog post about the prompts for each day. I think they’re pretty self-explanatory, but some clarification is always nice.

Day 01 – New To Me

Feature or show a book that is new to you in the year 2020 – this can be a book you pre-ordered, or purchased, or received, as long as you got it this year, showcase it!

Day 02 – Girl Power

Since I love women in the lesbian way and in the feminist way, what a better prompt. Show off some incredible girls – characters and even their authors!

Day 03 – Cover Buy

I can’t be the only one who purchases solely for the covers, right? It helps if the story I’m interested in has an incredible cover – showcase some pretty covers!

Day 04 – Pink Books

Show off some pink books! Pink is my favourite colour, and I love seeing pink books, they make me happy.

Day 05 – #HappyLesbians

Today is my birthday! Send me some loves?

This prompt is to show off some happy lesbian characters. It’s not something that we see all too often in books, so I want to see all of the happy lesbians you can think of! Tag me in these photos, too!

Day 06 – Magical Reads

This can be books about magic, or it can be books you found magical – show off some magical reads!

Day 07 – Book Crush

Almost all of us get crushes on book characters at some point, show off a character you’ve had a crush on!

Day 08 – Books That Make You Happy

This one is always a favourite of mine to do because there are a lot of books that make me happy. And make me happy that they exist.

Day 09 – Royal Love

There are so many books out there about royals, especially alternate reality royals, give them some loves!

Day 10 – Lived Up To The Hype

What is a book that lived up to the hype for you?

Day 11 – Friendships

Friendships are the most important relationships, to me, in books. Feature some incredible friendships.

Day 12 – OTP

Show off your One True Pairing.

Day 13 – #MugMonday

Get yourself a hot drink (or a cold one but in a mug) and show off those mugs!

Day 14 – Out of My Comfort Zone

I know that I struggle to read books that are out of my comfort zone. It doesn’t stop me buying them, though! Show off some books that are like this for you.

Day 15 – Diverse Books

We will always need more diverse books in the world. Show off some diverse books that you have read and loved, or that you want to read!

Day 16 – Middle Grade Love

It is no secret that I love middle grade books. If you have any, show off some middle grade books that you loved.

Day 17 – Auto-buy Author

Who is an author that you automatically buy, even without knowing the synopsis of their books?

Day 18 – Graphic Novel

Show off some graphic novel love!

Day 19 – #StackSunday

Let’s show off a stack of books for this Sunday. Be it ones you want to read, ones you have read this year, a colourful selection of books – go wild!

Day 20 – Underrated books

What are some books you think are underrated? Show them off!

Day 21 – Sibling Love

Since today is my sister’s birthday, I thought I’d make today about sibling love. Show off some of your favourite fictional siblings.

Day 22 – #WickWednesday

Most of the book community love candles – show off a candle and a book, if you have one to show.

Day 23 – Same-Same

This one is up for interpretation – you can choose book covers that look similar. Or you can recommend a book based on another book you have liked. Like, if you liked x book, then you might enjoy y book.

Day 24 – 5 Star Reads

Show off one, or more, recent 5 star reads.

Day 25 – One Word Title

So many books either have super long titles, or one word titles. Sometimes there is no in between. Show off some one word titled books.

Day 26 – #LoveOzYA

I am Australian, so this one is important to me. Show some love for the Australian authors and their books!

Day 27 – Tropes

There are so many tropes in books – show off ones you love to read about.

Day 28 – Book & Prop

I am someone who loves my props in photos. Showcase a favourite prop to go with a book. Or several!

Day 29 – Need To Read

If you’re anything like me, you have a never-ending TBR, show off some books you need to read, or want to get to this year.

Day 30 – Read In One Sitting

Show off a book you read in one sitting.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag, but don’t tag me in the photos (except where specified).

Happy snapping!

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