Since I had so much fun doing a photo challenge for April, and had people participating, I thought that I would do one for May as well!

Here’s a blog post about the prompts for each day. I think they’re pretty self-explanatory, but some clarification is always nice.

Day 01 – Bookmark Love

Show off a bookmark (or multiple!) that you love. Or even one that you use frequently.

Day 02 – Feminist Books

I love feminist books, show off ones you’ve loved, or that you’d love to read!

Day 03 – Red Books

Show off as many, or as few, red books as you want to.

Day 04 – #MapMonday

So many books have maps in them these days – choose a map you love, or multiple, and show it off!

Day 05 – Favourite Book of 2020

What has been your favourite book of 2020 so far? We’re into the second third of the year (omg!) so I’d love to know what everyone has been loving this year!

Day 06 – Fandom Love

A fair amount of books have fandoms these days – do you like fandoms? Are you a part of any? Show your favourite fandom, or favourite things from your fandom, if you can.

For example, I love Harry Potter, and I have a few Funko Pops that I am sure I’ll use for this photo.

Or The Raven Cycle has a few fandom-ish items out in the world that I might use, too.

Day 07 – #ThrowbackThursday

Throw it back to a book you read 5 or more years ago. I’d love to see what people were enjoying in the past!

Day 08 – Own Voices

Own voices books are something that I think is extremely important. Show off some own voices books you’ve enjoyed.

Day 09 – Character Development

What’s a book you’ve read with great character development?

Day 10 – Books That Make You Smile

I’d love to see some books that made you smile!

Day 11 – #MugMonday

Get yourself a hot drink (or a cold one but in a mug) and show off those mugs!

Day 12 – Standalone Books

Show off some standalone books you love.

Day 13 – Books With Flowers

This can be books with flowers on the cover, in the title, or even prop flowers. Go wild!

Day 14 – Yellow Books

Let’s all brighten up our feeds with some yellow books!

Day 15 – LGBTQ Books

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include LGBTQ books in a challenge somewhere – show off any LGBTQ books you’ve loved, new or old!

Day 16 – Retelling

What’s your favourite retelling? Show it off in a photo.

Day 17 – Addictive Reads

What is a book that had you hooked from start to finish? Something that was so addictive that you thought about it even long after you finished reading it?

Day 18 – Illustrated Covers

I love illustrated covers, and there are so many great ones out there. Show off an illustrated cover you love.

Day 19 – Pastel Books

Let’s show off a stack of pastel books for this one!

Day 20 – Mental Health

Mental health representation is super important in books. What is a book that you’ve read that has good mental health representation in it?

Day 21 – Bookish Candle

Most of the book community love candles – show off a candle and a book, if you have one to show.

Day 22 – Naked Books

Ditch those dust jackets for this photo and show off those naked books!

Day 23 – Spell Your Name With Books

For this one, spell your name with the first letter of a book title from several books.

Day 24 – Books With Stars

This one can be a book with stars in the title, or on the cover, or if you have those cool paper 3D stars I’ve seen, use those!

Day 25 – First Book Read in 2020

What was the first book you read in 2020? Show it off here!

Day 26 – Books You Wish You’d Read Earlier

Almost all of us have that “I wish I had read this earlier!” moment when finishing a book that’s been out for a while. What is a book that you’ve wished you had read earlier?

Day 27 – Rainbow Stack

Bonus points if you use LGBTQ books to make a rainbow stack!

Day 28 – Author Discovered in 2020

Who is an author you discovered in 2020? Show off their book that you read to discover them.

Day 29 – Surprising Reads

Some books are surprising – whether it’s the contents, how good it is, a plot twist, or even how bad it is. What is a book that has surprised you recently?

Day 30 – #StackSaturday

Show off a stack of books this Saturday! It can be anything you want!

Day 31 – Family

There are some amazing family dynamics in books that I have read. Show off a bookish family that you have read and enjoyed.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag, but don’t tag me in the photos (except where specified).

Happy snapping!

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