Since I am having so much fun with these monthly challenges, I am keeping on while I have inspiration!

This post is just to elaborate on the prompts, and maybe give some ideas if people want or need them.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #LMSAugust2020 (but don’t tag me unless I explicitly ask for it) so I can see all of your wonderful photos!

Day 01 – Newly Purchased

Show off a book you’ve recently purchased (and received if you get your books in the mail like I do).

Day 02 – Sequels

Show off some favourite sequels you’ve read!

Day 03 – Book in your favourite colour

Pick a book you like that is also in your favourite colour, if you can.

Day 04 – Books you recommend

Show off a book, or books, you want to recommend.

Day 05 – Pink Stack – On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Show off a pink stack of books.

Day 06 – Book With Food

This can be a cover with food on it, or a book and some food.

Day 07 – 5 Star Reads

Show off some recent 5 star reads!

Day 08 – #StackSaturday – pastels

Show off a stack of pastel coloured books.

Day 09 – Cover Buy

What is a book you bought for the cover (before you looked up the synopsis)?

Day 10 – Haven’t Yet Read

What is a book that you still haven’t read yet? No shame, I have many to choose from!

Day 11 – Surprising Reads

What is a book that surprised you? Was it a good or a bad surprise?

Day 12 – One Word Title

Show off one, or more, books with one word titles.

Day 13 – Character You Admire

What is a character you admire from a book? Show them off here!

Day 14 – Book Best Friend

Who is a character you’d love to be your best friend? Show the book off here!

Day 15 – Book That Made You Cry

What is a book that made you cry, or ugly cry? Show them off here!

Day 16 – #StackSunday – brights

Let’s show off a stack of brightly coloured books for this one!

Day 17 – Auto-buy Author

Who is a book you always buy no matter what?

Day 18 – Quick Reads

What is a book that you have found is quick to read?

Day 19 – Packed A Punch

I have a few books that have packed a punch in one way or another – if you have one, show it off for this prompt!

Day 20 – Hyped Books

There are several hyped books out there on bookstagram – have you found they live up to the hype for you?

Or you can just show off a book you own that is a hyped book.

Day 21 – Crown On Cover

Show off a book that has a crown on the cover.

Day 22 – #StackSaturday – ombré

Show off an ombré stack in the colour of your choice!

Day 23 – New Favourite

What is a book that is a new favourite for you this year?

Day 24 – Dystopian

Show off a favourite dystopian book or series here.

Day 25 – Favourite Couple/s

Show off a favourite couple, or couples from a book or multiple, that you like.

Day 26 – Fast Paced

What is a book, or series, that you have felt was fast paced?

Day 27 – Graphic novel

Show off a graphic novel (or several) you love.

Day 28 – Best Opening Line

What is an opening line from a book you like, or one that has stuck with you?

Day 29 – Cosy Reads (bye-bye winter *sobs*)

I know, I know, I am one of the only people who will miss winter. So indulge me with a cosy read. Or a book you like to snuggle up with.

Day 30 – #StackSunday

This is a free for all stack.

Day 31 – #MugMonday

I had to throw this one in again!

Happy photo taking, everyone!

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