Welcome to February’s photo challenge!

As usual, interpret these prompts however you wish!

Day 01 – Kick Arse Leading Ladies

What is a book, or series, that has a kick arse leading lady in it?

Day 02 – Asian Inspiration

More Asian books need to be shown off – so show off one, or some, you have!

Day 03 – Cover Love

Have any covers recently caught your eye? Show them off!

Day 04 – Debut Author

Pick a debut author’s book you enjoyed and share it.

Day 05 – #FantasyFriday

This one speaks for itself.

Day 06 – #StackSaturday

Show off a stack of books – however you choose to interpret this is up to you!

Day 07 – Cosy Reads

What is a book you like to snuggle up with, or one that makes you feel all cosy inside?

Day 08 – #MugMonday

This one is self explanatory.

Day 09 – Own Voices

Show off some amazing own voices books.

Day 10 – Indie Books

Do you have any indie books? Show them off here!

Day 11 – Poetic Books

This can be poetry or just books you think are poetic.

Day 12 – #LoveOzYA

Show off some Aussie YA books you love!

Day 13 – Galentine’s Day

This one is for the girls who are friends, and who we couldn’t be without – tag some of your besties!

Day 14 – Book Girlfriends

For Valentine’s Day, I want everyone to show off a book girlfriend they have because we all need more of them in our lives.

Day 15 – Standalone

Show off a favourite, or more, standalone books you enjoy.

Day 16 – Current Read

What are you currently reading?

Day 17 – Wick Wednesday

Show off a book and candle if you have it.

Day 18 – Enemies to Lovers

Do you have a favourite book with this trope? Show it off for this prompt!

Day 19 – Emotional Books

Do you have any books that make you emotional? Show them off here!

Day 20 – Sapphic Saturday

Show off some sapphic books you love!

Day 21 – Retellings

Do you have a favourite retelling, or one that you’d like to read? Show it off here.

Day 22 – Map Monday

Show off a map you like here.

Day 23 – Trope Tuesday

Show off a book with your favourite trope in it!

Day 24 – Rainbow

Show off a rainbow of books.

Day 25 – Rom Com

If you like them, show off a book that is classified as a rom com!

Day 26 – Witchy Reads

Show off some witchy reads for this prompt!

Day 27 – Sci-fi Saturday

Show off some sci-fi books you either love or want to read for this one!

Day 28 – Favourite of February

Do you have a favourite book you read, or bought, in February? Show it off here!

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