Welcome to June’s photo challenge! This month is all things Pride as it’s (not really globally, but a lot of people go all out this month) Pride Month.

Please remember this is a HP/JKR free zone. A hate free zone. And there is no supporting of toxic authors from me whatsoever (toxic can encompass a lot of things).

As always, interpret these prompts however you would like to! And don’t forget to use #LMSPride2021 so I can see your photos, too!

Day 01 – Pride Stack

Show off a stack of LGBTQ books!

Day 02 – Queer As Royals

There are actually a few books out in the world that have royal main characters, or love interests, show off some of them!

Day 03 – Characters You Want To Hug

So I may have had a specific person in mind when I wrote this one, but it applies to so many LGBTQ characters.

Day 04 – Not About Coming Out

Not all queer books need to be about coming out. Show off some that aren’t about coming out at all.

Day 05 – Leading Lesbians

Show off those lesbian main character books!

Day 06 – Middle Grade

I am forever in awe that queer middle grade books exist! If you have a favourite, show it off for this prompt.

Day 07 – Fantasy

Who doesn’t love fantastical gays? I surely do! What’s your favourite queer fantasy book? Show it off for this prompt!

Day 08 – Graphic Novels

There are so many incredible LGBTQ graphic novels – show off some if you have them!

Day 09 – Bisexual Bad Arse

I tried for triple alliteration but failed. But show off some bisexual main characters!

Day 10 – Witchy

There are a few books with queer witches – show them off for this prompt!

Day 11 – Friendships

Friendships between queer people are just as important as romantic relationships. Show off your favourite queer friendships here!

Day 12 – Contemporary

What is a favourite queer contemporary? If you have one, or a few, show them off here!

Day 13 – Highly Recommend

What is a queer book that you highly recommend to other people?

Day 14 – Great Gay Guys

Show off some of that MLM love!

Day 15 – Actually Ace/Aro

Give some love to asexual and/or aromantic characters for this prompt!

Day 16 – Rainbow Stack

Show a stack of rainbow LGBTQ books!

Day 17 – Historical

Historical queer books are so important, whether they’re from a long time ago, or set in the past, show them off here.

Day 18 – Queerly Beloved

Queerly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here To Gay.

Show off whatever queer books you want for this one!

Day 19 – Comfort Reads

What queer book brings you comfort? Show it off for this prompt!

Day 20 – Fave Queer Author

Who is your favourite queer author (as in they, themselves, are queer, and write queer books)?

Day 21 – Sci Fi

Show off those gays in space! Or in Sci Fi books.

Day 22 – Underrated

While I have a list a mile long for this prompt, I love seeing what queer books that are underrated to other people.

Day 23 – Mental Health

Queers and mental health go hand in hand – what are some books you’d recommend?

Day 24 – Terrific Trans

Show off those trans rep books!

Day 25 – First Ever Read

Do you remember the first queer book you ever read? For most of us gays, we definitely do. If you have a copy, or are able to get a copy, show it off here.

Alternatively, show off the book you wish you had read.

Or show off what you think the first queer book a gay should read.

Day 26 – POC Main Characters

As a white person, I know I can do far better to read more queer books written by, and featuring people of colour. Show off some favourites if you have them.

Day 27 – Platonic Pals

Who are some queer pals you love?

Day 28 – Character Development

Show off those gays that have incredible character development in the book or series they’re in.

Day 29 – Please Adapt To Screen

What is a queer book you so desperately want to see adapted into a movie, tv show, or mini-series? Show them off here!

Day 30 – Happy LGBTQ

We all need happy queers in our lives – show off ones that are unapologetically them and happy. And just happy in general!

6 thoughts on “LMSPride2021

  1. Will definitely be participating in this. I’ll be creating infographics for each of these posts. This is the perfect way to shed light on so much queer literature out there that so many people don’t know of, some underrated and some already known. Thank you for creating this! Cannot wait 🙂


      1. By the way, what’s the difference between the challenges for Day 11 and 27? Both of them are about queer friendships, I assume?

        Liked by 1 person

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