Welcome to June’s photo challenge! This month is all things Pride as it’s (not really globally, but a lot of people go all out this month) Pride Month.

Please remember this is strictly a HP/JKR free zone. A hate free zone. And there is no supporting of toxic authors from me whatsoever (toxic can encompass a lot of things).

As always, interpret these prompts however you would like to! And don’t forget to use #LMSPride2022 so I can see your photos, too!

This is also a giveaway challenge! If you post using the above hashtag (and post queer books of course) then you’ll go into the draw to win AUD$30 worth of queer books (as long as book depository/amazon ship to you). Queer books only will be accepted in this challenge.

Day 01 – Pride Stack

Show off a stack of LGBTQ books!

Day 02 – Queer As Royals

There are actually a few books out in the world that have royal main characters, or love interests, show off some of them!

Day 03 – Characters You Want To Hug

So I may have had a specific person in mind when I wrote this one, but it applies to so many LGBTQ characters.

Day 04 – Favourite Tropes

Show off your favourite tropes!

Day 05 – Leading Lesbians

Show off those lesbian main character books!

Day 06 – Middle Grade

I am forever in awe that queer middle grade books exist! If you have a favourite, show it off for this prompt.

Day 07 – Fantasy

Who doesn’t love fantastical gays? I surely do! What’s your favourite queer fantasy book? Show it off for this prompt!

Day 08 – Graphic Novels

There are so many incredible LGBTQ graphic novels – show off some if you have them!

Day 09 – Bisexual Bad Arse

I tried for triple alliteration but failed. But show off some bisexual main characters!

Day 10 – Witchy

There are a few books with queer witches – show them off for this prompt!

Day 11 – Favourite Friendships

Friendships between queer people are just as important as romantic relationships. Show off your favourite queer friendships here!

Day 12 – Contemporary

What is a favourite queer contemporary? If you have one, or a few, show them off here!

Day 13 – Highly Recommend

What is a queer book that you highly recommend to other people?

Day 14 – Great Gay Guys

Show off some of that MLM love!

Day 15 – Actually Ace/Aro

Give some love to asexual and/or aromantic characters for this prompt!

Day 16 – Rainbow Stack

Show a stack of rainbow LGBTQ books!

Day 17 – Characters You Love

Show off some books with queer characters you love!

Day 18 – Queerly Beloved

Queerly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here To Gay.

Show off whatever queer books you want for this one!

Day 19 – Comfort Reads

What queer book brings you comfort? Show it off for this prompt!

Day 20 – Fave Queer Author

Who is your favourite queer author (as in they, themselves, are queer, and write queer books)?

Day 21 – Sci Fi

Show off those gays in space! Or in Sci-fi books.

Day 22 – Underrated

While I have a list a mile long for this prompt, I love seeing what queer books that are underrated to other people.

Day 23 – Throwback Queer Books

Show off some older queer books!

Day 24 – Terrific Trans

Show off those trans rep books!

Day 25 – First Queer Book Love

Do you remember the first queer book you ever read? For most of us gays, we definitely do. If you have a copy, or are able to get a copy, show it off here.

Alternatively, show off the book you wish you had been around when you were a bb queer.

Day 26 – POC Main Characters

Show off those queer books with BIPOC/POC main characters!

Day 27 – #MugMonday

Show off a beverage and a queer book!

Day 28 – Cover Love

Show off those gorgeous queer book covers!

Day 29 – Books & Flowers

Show off some queer books with flowers on the cover, or a stack of queer books with flowers.

Day 30 – Happy LGBTQ

We all need happy queers in our lives – show off ones that are unapologetically them and happy. And just happy in general!

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