35 Sapphic Book Recommendations

It’s my 35th birthday today, and in celebration, I wanted to show off a stack of 35 sapphic books that I recommend. Now this list isn’t complete, or anything. This isn’t my definitive ONLY recommendations. These are just the ones I felt passionate about, that I also own. And promptly after taking this photo (there … Continue reading 35 Sapphic Book Recommendations

Recent Books Gifted From Publishers

Inspired by my friend Bron, I thought that I’d do a little blog post featuring some of the books I got from publishers this month. I say some because I forgot I had a book in a different place than this stack. But also, I am glad because these are all the same height, and … Continue reading Recent Books Gifted From Publishers

International Lesbian Day – Book Recommendations

Today, the 8th of October is International Lesbian Day! So I thought I would celebrate with a selection of a few books featuring some of my favourite fictional lesbians. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all of my favourite fictional lesbians, but it's a nice little selection.   Let’s take a moment … Continue reading International Lesbian Day – Book Recommendations