Roxy & Jones The Great Fairytale Cover-Up – Review

Title: Roxy & Jones: The Great Fairytale Cover-UpAuthor: Angela WoolfePublication Date: 01 July 2020Synopsis: Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Illustria, a girl called Roxy Humperdinck met a girl called Jones. Jones was a girl who knew things. Things like:Illustria was once plagued by an evil dark Diabolical Magic.But no one remembers! Because … Continue reading Roxy & Jones The Great Fairytale Cover-Up – Review

When Rain Turns To Snow – Review

Title: When Rain Turns To SnowAuthor: Jane GodwinPublication Date: 30 June 2020Synopsis: Lissa is home on her own after school one afternoon when a stranger turns up on the doorstep carrying a baby. Reed is on the run - surely people are looking for him? He's trying to find out who he really is and … Continue reading When Rain Turns To Snow – Review

The Theory of Hummingbirds – Review

Title: The Theory of HummingbirdsAuthor: Michelle KadarusmanPublication Date: 02 June 2020 (first published 16 October 2017)Synopsis: Alba has been best friends with Levi since forever. They’re both obsessed with hummingbirds and spend their lunchtimes hiding out in the school library. Alba normally doesn’t mind that Levi’s got a science theory on just about everything. But … Continue reading The Theory of Hummingbirds – Review

The Year The Maps Changed – Review

Title: The Year The Maps ChangedAuthor: Danielle BinksPublication Date: 28 April 2020Synopsis: Sorrento, Victoria - 1999Fred's family is a mess. Fred's mother died when she was six and she's been raised by her Pop and adoptive father, Luca, ever since. But now Pop is at the Rye Rehabilitation Centre recovering from a fall; Luca's girlfriend, … Continue reading The Year The Maps Changed – Review

Winterborne Home for Vengeance and Valour – Review

Title: Winterborne Home for Vengeance and ValourAuthor: Ally CarterPublication Date: 03 March 2020Synopsis: When 11-year-old April joins a group of kids living at Winterborne Home she doesn't expect to be there for very long. But she soon learns that this home isn't like any of the others - especially when she unearths the secret of … Continue reading Winterborne Home for Vengeance and Valour – Review

Hazel’s Theory of Evolution – Review

Title: Hazel’s Theory of EvolutionAuthor: Lisa Jenn BigelowPublication Date: 08 October 2019Synopsis: Hazel knows a lot about the world. That’s because when she’s not hanging with her best friend or helping her two moms care for the goats on their farm, she loves reading through dusty encyclopaedias. But even Hazel doesn’t have answers for the … Continue reading Hazel’s Theory of Evolution – Review

A Many Feathered Thing – Review

Title: A Many Feathered ThingAuthor: Lisa GerlitsPublication Date: 02 March 2020Synopsis: Eleven-year-old Clara is known as the "girl who draws," but she's not tortured enough to become a real artist. Her only suffering, besides embarrassment over her real name Clarity Kartoffel, German for Clarity Potato is a crippling inability to speak in public. When Clara and … Continue reading A Many Feathered Thing – Review