One Last Stop – A Love Letter

Title: One Last StopAuthor: Casey McQuistonPublication Date: 08 June 2021Synopsis: For cynical twenty-three-year-old August, moving to New York City is supposed to prove her right: that things like magic and cinematic love stories don’t exist, and the only smart way to go through life is alone. She can’t imagine how waiting tables at a 24-hour … Continue reading One Last Stop – A Love Letter

You Will Get Through This Night – Review

Title: You Will Get Through This NightAuthor: Daniel HowellPublication Date: 18 May 2021Synopsis: Written by Daniel Howell, in conjunction with a qualified psychologist, in an entertaining and personal way from the perspective of someone who has been through it all—this no-nonsense book gives you the tools to understand your mind so you can be in … Continue reading You Will Get Through This Night – Review

Drum Roll Please, It’s Stevie Louise – Review

Title: Drum Roll Please, It’s Stevie LouiseAuthor: Tanya HennessyPublication Date: 04 May 2021Synopsis: Meet Stevie Louise. She is an entrepreneur (that's like a business person), an entertainer (obviously), and an extrovert on the inside (wait, is this a thing?).Stevie has a BRILLIANT PLAN. She's going to have fun, make money, and most importantly, make sure … Continue reading Drum Roll Please, It’s Stevie Louise – Review

All Our Hidden Gifts – Review

Title: All Our Hidden GiftsAuthor: Caroline O’DonoghuePublication Date: 03 February 2021Synopsis: I'll give up the tarot readings. I'll apologise to Lily. But Lily doesn't come to school on Monday. Or Tuesday. It's not until Wednesday that the police show up.Maeve Chambers doesn't have much going for her. Not only does she feel like the sole idiot … Continue reading All Our Hidden Gifts – Review

Emmie & Friends – Review

Titles: Invisible Emmie, Positively Izzy, Just Jaime, and Becoming BriannaAuthor: Terri LibensonPublication Date: 16 December 2020Synopsis for Invisible Emmie: This is the story of two totally different girls—quiet, shy, artistic Emmiepopular, outgoing, athletic Katie—and how their lives unexpectedly intersect one day, when an embarrassing note falls into the wrong hands. . . .All the crushes, … Continue reading Emmie & Friends – Review