Blood Moon – Review

Title: Blood MoonAuthor: Lucy CuthewPublication Date: 02 July 2020Synopsis: During astronomy-lover Frankie's first sexual experience with the quiet and lovely Benjamin, she gets her period. It's only blood, they agree. But soon a graphic meme goes viral, turning an innocent, intimate afternoon into something disgusting, mortifying and damaging. As the online shaming takes on a … Continue reading Blood Moon – Review

Roxy & Jones The Great Fairytale Cover-Up – Review

Title: Roxy & Jones: The Great Fairytale Cover-UpAuthor: Angela WoolfePublication Date: 01 July 2020Synopsis: Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Illustria, a girl called Roxy Humperdinck met a girl called Jones. Jones was a girl who knew things. Things like:Illustria was once plagued by an evil dark Diabolical Magic.But no one remembers! Because … Continue reading Roxy & Jones The Great Fairytale Cover-Up – Review

The Theory of Hummingbirds – Review

Title: The Theory of HummingbirdsAuthor: Michelle KadarusmanPublication Date: 02 June 2020 (first published 16 October 2017)Synopsis: Alba has been best friends with Levi since forever. They’re both obsessed with hummingbirds and spend their lunchtimes hiding out in the school library. Alba normally doesn’t mind that Levi’s got a science theory on just about everything. But … Continue reading The Theory of Hummingbirds – Review